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Welcome to the World's most exciting and safest zip line technologies/systems on today's market. As the founder and owner of Zip-Flyer, LLC let me assure you that you have come to the right place for safe, exciting, and profitable zip line cable ride products.

My team and I are dedicated to helping your organization accomplish the right products for your needs while utilizing our exclusively patented "Zip-Flyer® Trolley technology" to reach riding speeds of up to 100 MPH and our "Hi-Speed Gear (both Steel Cable & Snythetic Rope Versions Available)/Human Retrieval Systems (Steel Cable Version Only)" to allow you to operate the most profitable Zip Line cable ride in the world, or our Zip-Brake™ patent pending technology to help assure the safety of your Zip-Canopy™ or you existing canopy tour.

I take tremendous pride in our engineering/installation capabilities and in exceeding the current ASTM and TUV SUD Standards.It is my company's passion and objective to build the safest and best fit Zip-Flyer product for your environment.

I would like to invite you to contact me anytime so that we can learn what the feasibility would be of which Zip-Flyer product works best at your location.
I Sincerely Look Forward to Welcoming You to the Zip-Flyer Family!
Shawn Lerner- Founder & CEO

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